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Welcome to Texas Lonestar Leather & Guns in Canyon Lake Texas


Back in the beginning of September John was struck with some serious health issues that caused long-term hospitalization. By the Middle of November, we realized there was just no way we could continue to have the retail store and were forced to shut the doors permanently on that location. Through the holidays we focused on John’s recovery and recuperation, while also attempting to rectify remaining business that had been put on hold.

Unfinished leather work is getting finished and the filing of the proper paperwork for legally traversing the ATF’s requirements for firearms is being processed. As soon as the updated licenses have been procured, we will be able to legally return and deliver firearms items and consignment inventory.

We want to apologize for the great delay, thank you for your patience and understanding during this time of transition and express how much we appreciate your business and loyalty over the years.

While this is not goodbye, this is a see you soon as we put health first, get back on our feet and discover how we can proceed in the future with our beautiful leather work.


John & Leandra

We have Guns, Gun Accessories & Ammo

We have Custom Leather Holsters, Belts, Purses and More!

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While it is possible to arrange a purchase of a firearm online, you need to take physical possession of it at a Federally Firearm Licensed (FFL) location. It is against the law to ship directly to the end consumer. Use our gun shop as the location to pick up your firearm. We try to facilitate a full featured shopping experience by showing you what is available in one of this nations largest distributors inventory and allow you to arrange to purchase through us.

Specializing in
Leather Gun Holsters,
Knife Sheaths,
Gun belts, etc.

– Custom orders as well as repairs.

We have a variety of accessories
for your guns as well as
self defense items too!

We also fabricate one of a kind Woman’s Handbags,
(concealed carry) and Wallets.

Each of our pieces are meticulously crafted by in our Texas studio. From the pattern making, cutting, stitching, staining and dyeing, we do it all custom!

– Custom orders are our specialty!

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